Malvasia Nera and Canaiolo Gold Medals

It is with immense pride that we announce a double gold medal won by our two purity wines, Malvasia Nera and Canaiolo, at London Wine Competition 2022.

Both Malvasia Nera IGT Toscana Rosso 2018 and “Canaiolo” Toscana Canaiolo Nero IGT 2019 managed to place themselves in the “gold” segment. In other words, they achieved a score of 90 out of 100, or higher. More specifically, our M.N. scored 94/100, placing itself among the very first wines in the general ranking of the entire event, while the Canaiolo received 90 points.

London Wine Competition represents an all-round recognition for the wines of our Estate and for the complex work done on them. The judging panel is required to evaluate not only the qualitative tasting of each wine, but also the value for money of each label and the appearance/functionality of the packaging. Furthermore, the composition of the jury itself is carried out to guarantee a 360-degree test. The tasters come from a multitude of different professional paths, from the wine buyer to the distributor, from the wine critic to the HoReCa operator, from the importer to the wine shop owner. It is clear how all this can guarantee a particularly rich and balanced evaluation, following several different but complementary perspectives.

Returning to our two winners, it is also important to underline how the gold medal requires a double tasting. The wines that obtain 90 or more must be re-evaluated a few days later to make sure that the initial score is adequate and the second judgment can confirm or overturn the previously assigned result. Fortunately, M.N. and Canaiolo have preserved the quality evaluation detected at the first tasting!

Malvasia Nera and Canaiolo Tasting Notes

It is also interesting to consider the tasting notes provided by the panel for each wine.

For the M.N. the “tasting notes” speak of “Deep ruby colour with notes of ripe black and red fruits, wood, herbs, chocolate, and sweet spices. Good complexity of flavours with bold and fine acidity, and a long velvety finish.” Therefore, the richness of the bouquet, the Tuscan territoriality of the precious acid note and the remarkable persistence offered by our 100% black Malvasia seem to have been detected and rewarded.

Malvasia Nera, Technical Sheet LWC

As for the Canaiolo, the tasting-notes sheet mentions a “Bright ruby colour with a lovely nose of red cherries, spices, and wild herbs. Elegant and light body with rich complexity. Subtle ripe tannins, with some bitterness on the finish.” From such description we can deduce the typical elegance of this autochthonous vine, which plays its trump cards more on the delicacy and the depth of its fruitiness, rather than on the body or powerful structure.

Outcome and Reflections

This competition also rewards our wine-making philosophy, which has always been very attentive to the typicality of products, to autochthonous grapes and purity blends. The awards from London and the precise motivation expressed in their tasting notes show that this commitment can be detected by the nose and palate of tasters and this fact, more than the numerical score itself, fills us with joy.

In conclusion, we leave London with a really outstanding outcome and a ton of ​​satisfaction in our pockets. If the previous time, we had obtained silver evaluations (assigned, however, to other labels), this year we achieve multiple gold medals and therefore the awareness of being a growing company with the compass well pointed along the quality route.