About us


At the time of ancient Greece, the pine cone – with its seeds – was a symbol of fertility, vital power and immortality. Dionysus, God of the vine, used to bring a pine cone on top of his “Thyrsus” stick-sceptre.

In the 21st century, history repeats itself and we encounter this symbol upon the sweet hills of Tuscany, where Tenuta la Pineta is located.
The Scortecci family manages the estate with care and passion, in order to catch the vital power emanating from this fertile land in every season. Modern facilities and advanced equipment blend with the traditional Tuscan arts of manufacturing, to achieve products and tastes lost in time.

The Estate

Laying on the green hills of Tuscany, between Florence and Arezzo, Tenuta la Pineta was founded in 1985 by Giuseppe Scortecci, who had been captivated by the fascinating landscape and the possibility to create a hunting estate.

The estate covers 110 hectares: 9 in vineyards, 4 in olive grove, 10 for sowing, and the rest in wood.
Our hilly lands are at an average height of 300 meters above sea level, and each growing is located on the best soil and microclimate, in order to get maximum quality products.

The vineyard is completely surrounded and secured by forest. Albeit recently renewed, it has been growing in the same place for decades, and is perfectly adapted to the soil and weather conditions.

Our philosophy

The achievement of high quality products is the daily aim of our philosophy.
A wise mixture of tradition and innovation pairs with the love for our own land, which has characterized the Scortecci family for generations. Both the vine and the olive are particularly suitable to our lands, and thus allow us to obtain products that are the typical and genuine expression of our territory.

LITTLE IS NICE: Wine, olive oil and honey are all produced in limited quantity. Hence, each and every product can enjoy our total care and yield top-notch quality. Tenuta la Pineta is a little boutique-farm, where the owners – supported by a skilled staff and motivated by genuine passion – channel all their enthusiasm and address all their attentions to vineyards, olive groves and hives.



Tenuta La Pineta is located on the hilly lands of Arezzo, in Tuscany. The region of wine, which gave birth to Chianti: the Tuscan delicacy par excellence and first ambassador of Italian winemaking in the world.

Since the time of ancient Etruria and Rome, lots of people have contended these generous and fertile lands, providing the territories with a rich and suggestive history. Artistic and cultural witnesses demonstrate that the local people have always prioritized life quality: a most important concern, which persists to this day.

Places to visit in the area

Castiglion Fibocchi

Medieval town, where famous Capitan Alessandro dal Borro was born in 1600. Visit the historic town to see the medieval wall and towers remains, Porta Fredda, SS. Pietro e Ilario Church with fresco painting from Agnolo di Lorentino (ca. 1500); S.Pietro a Pezzano Church, with fresco painting from Andrea di Nerio (ca. 1370); Ruins of old Pieve di S. Quirico (X century).


Very well preserved town with old walls, portals and towers. Visit the suggestive Piazza della Repubblica with view on the Arno river valley. In the square, you can see the Palazzo del Podesta (the ancient town hall) with many noble coats of arms on the facade, and the town church with amazing mosaics on the outside wall, hailing from a 2000-year-old Roman villa of the area.

Ponte Buriano
Ponte Buriano

900-year-old stone bridge on the Arno river. Recent studies say that it was portrayed as part of the Monna Lisa background landscape by Leonardo da Vinci (Louvre Museum). Nearby, a small museum shows history of life and works of the celebrated artist-scientist of Tuscan Renaissance.

Rondine, Cittadella della Pace

11th century castle overlooking Arno river, with beautiful view. Today the village hosts an important humanitarian organization.

Il Borro

Perfectly preserved, small medieval village. Few years ago, it has been restored and today it is a high-end hotel.

Distances from the main art cities:

    • Arezzo: 15 minuti
    • Firenze: 50 minuti
    • Cortona: 35 minuti
    • Siena: 50 minuti
    • Perugia: 70 minuti
    • Pisa: 1 ora e 40 minuti
    • Venezia: 3 ore
    • Roma: 2 ore