Lunch in the Vineyard Is Confirmed

In the last days, we have received many calls from people who were upset about the weather and we had our own doubts for the vineyard lunch of May 30. Nevertheless, watching the last updates, it seems that we will have a clear and sunny day. Hence, the vineyard lunch is confirmed, together with all the other events offered for Cantine Aperte 2021. You can read the detailed menu on our Facebook page.

We also take the opportunity to inform you that the lunch is sold out, but there is still the opportunity to book for visits and tastings. These experiences are available both on Saturday 29 (from 3 pm to 7 pm) and Sunday 30 (from 10 am to 7 pm). Reservation is required for any event, to allow for a punctual and safe organization, with regards to the currently applicable norms.

Moreover, the art exhibition by Alessandro Bernardini is confirmed as well. We are now placing the last pieces of the collection. It is really exciting to see our winery become an art gallery. You can take advantage of this unique event throughout the weekend, but – in case you are especially curious – we suggest Saturday 29 in the afternoon, when Alessandro will unveil and explain his last, unpublished works.

We are happy to bring back in-person events and we thank you all for the warm reaction you have been showing in the last days. Our efforts aim at realizing an unforgettable and safe experience for all of you.