Picnic Brunch among vines and olive trees

On Sunday September 19, for the second event of I Giorni del Vino 2021 (Wineries open to visit), Tenuta la Pineta will host an emotional Picnic Brunch inside its main vineyard. Furthermore, the winery will be open all day, providing the opportunity to visit its spaces and taste its wines.

Complete Schedule of the Event

From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Non-stop visits and tastings.
Our guests will be able to visit the vineyard, the fermentation room and the cellar. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to taste our labels at an advantageous price (5 euros per person).

At 1 p.m. the Picnic Brunch will start.
Participants will receive a picnic basket and a picnic blanket, as well as everything they will need for the brunch. To be more specific, the kits will include cutlery, a bottle of wine (choosing either Toscana Rosso IGT or Toscana Bianco IGT), a mini-bottle of extra virgin olive oil and all the courses of the following menu:

Pulled pork sandwich
Chicken salad tramezzino
Eggs & avocado tramezzino
Chianti’s tuna jar meat and vegetable sushi
Grapes & goat cheese truffles
Vegetables & fruit salad
Blackberries jam pie

Each family will be free to place their blanket wherever they prefer, so that anyone will be able to taste their food in contact with our natural spaces.
The Picnic Brunch is 20 euro per person.

To conclude, at 4:30 p.m. the winery will host the second presentation of our limited edition wine LA4, created by Luca Scortecci and Alessandro Bernardini.
The producer and the artist will provide answers to the guests’ questions and explain the latest artworks of the collection.

Reservation is requested both for the Picnic Brunch and the Regular Tasting; furthermore, visits will run according to the public safety applicable laws.
After the sold out of our last Lunch in the Vineyard, we are looking forward to another exciting event. Reserve your Picnic Brunch basket before the sold out.

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