Press Releases

On Sunday September 19, for the second event of I Giorni del Vino 2021 (Wineries open to visit), Tenuta la Pineta will host an emotional Picnic Brunch inside its main vineyard. Furthermore, the winery will be open all day, providing the opportunity to visit its spaces and taste its wines. Complete Schedule of the Event From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Non-stop visits and tastings.Our guests will be able to visit the vineyard, the fermentation room and the cellar. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to taste our labels at an advantageous price (5 euros per person). At 1 p.m. the Picnic Brunch will start.Participants will receive a picnic basket and

In the last days, we have received many calls from people who were upset about the weather and we had our own doubts for the vineyard lunch of May 30. Nevertheless, watching the last updates, it seems that we will have a clear and sunny day. Hence, the vineyard lunch is confirmed, together with all the other events offered for Cantine Aperte 2021. You can read the detailed menu on our Facebook page. We also take the opportunity to inform you that the lunch is sold out, but there is still the opportunity to book for visits and tastings. These experiences are available both on Saturday 29 (from 3

On May 29-30 Cantine Aperte is back. Tenuta la Pineta provides a series of events to enrich the classic experience of visits and tastings. Saturday (May 29)From 3 pm to 7 pm 🍷The winery is open for visits and tastings.Visits are free. Tastings are €5 per person (for purchasing the wine glass).4,30 pm 🎨Artist Alessandro Bernardini presents his most recent work.The new project, in partnership with Tenuta la Pineta, brings together the endeavor of winemaking and the artistic creation to provide a new variation of our product. Sunday (May 30)From 10 am to 7 pm 🍷The winery is open for visits and tastings.Visits are free. Tastings are €5 per person

On May 29 and 30 Cantine Aperte will be back. During this most eagerly awaited event, Tenuta la Pineta will provide the participants with a chance to visit its winery and taste its products in a safe way. On day one, Saturday 29, the winery will welcome its guests from 3 pm to 7 pm. While on Sunday 30, we will have a non-stop window, from 10 am to 7 pm. Visits are free, whereas tastings are 5 euro each person (for purchasing the wine glass). Additionally, contemporary artist Alessandro Bernardini will present his last project. A new collab with tenuta la Pineta that combines contemporary art with the ancient craft

Tenuta la Pineta is glad to announce its first wine ratings of 2021. London Wine Competition has awarded three silver medals to our participating products (with a score of 87). The winning wines are Il Guido (Chianti Superiore DOCG, 2016), Sasso Bisciaio (Chianti DOCG, 2017) and Bronzante bianco passito IGT. London Wine Competition entrusts its judging process to a heterogeneous panel of experts, including sommeliers and wine consultants, as well as international buyers and distributors. The goal of such a composition is to award a multi-variable score, which takes into account the tasting quality of the products, while also giving a feedback on the their international marketability. We are proud

Our first USA Wine Ratings experience has awarded three Silver Medals to the products of Tenuta la Pineta. “Bronzante” Passito IGT, and our DOCG red wines Chianti “Sasso Bisciaio” and Chianti Superiore “Il Guido” all received the “silver” grade. We are proud of the positive achievement declared by the American judges, who applied a complex set of evaluating criteria. Not only did the USA Wine Ratings panel consider quality (via blind tasting), but they also evaluated each product’s value for money, as well as its design and packaging. Medals were awarded to the wines that performed well in each and any of the three parameters: a comprehensive certificate of